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Beach Stant, LLC was launched on January 1st, 2011 by  and while attending classes at Virginia Tech.  Both Aubrey and Sebastian had already begun pursuing their entrepreneurial endeavors under independent companies in 2009.  After collaborating on multiple joint venture projects they decided to form a partnership in November 2010 in order to expand their service selection and client base throughout their local community of Norfolk, VA.

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Sebastian Aubrey Beach has just graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology. Aubrey has been working as a Public Relations Specialist for over six years overseeing both social media and print marketing operations for Community Solutions, Inc. in Hampton Roads.  In 2009 he started his first company, WhizKid Online, LLC, which specialized in technical support, network security, and web development services.  He has worked with dozens of local businesses and strives to enhance online exposure through social media.

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Sebastian Sebastian Stant was born in Norfolk, VA and is currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech, studying Marketing and Political Science. Sebastian first entered the t-shirt industry during his freshman year of high school, and by the time he had graduated, he was servicing over 50 organizations and businesses through Virginia with print marketing materials. Looking forward to prospective business opportunities, Sebastian is eager to expand his knowledge base towards web development with Beach Stant, LLC.

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