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23 Oct 2011

Beach Stant, LLC Technical Support Services

Beach Stant, LLC is now accepting on-site technical support appointments for both residential and commercial clients within the Hampton Roads area.  Whether you are a college student whose computer crashed writing a paper or simply lost your photos/documents our trained technicians can identify the issue and restore your computer to proper operability often within 24 hours.  We keep up with the latest malware threats and are able to remove harmful infections that can cause your computer to crash or inhibit performance.

Beach Stant, LLC has just become a certified Apple iOS Developer.  We will be starting development using the new iOS5 operating system, which is currently in Beta 5, since this platform can provide an even more diverse range of features and functionalities.

Why have we decided to start mobile App development with iOS?

  • High-end platform. Customers will pay more for apps because the devices they appear on are seen as high-end.
  • Closed environment. Customers are more willing to trust apps (and spend money on and in them) because Apple has vetted them.
  • Possibilities for innovation. Apple's APIs and the benefits of a phone-based platform have only begun to be fully utilized.
  • Harder than web development. Eidhof's logic is that because the barrier to entry is higher for iOS development, fewer people will attempt it, so it's easier to stand out.
  • Great libraries. Apple's readymade frameworks are great, with Eidhof citing animation as a perfect example.
  • Quality in the DNA. Mac and iOS developers tend to strive to live up to the "culture of quality" that surrounds Apple software and devices, and Apple's defaults help devs start out at a much higher level to begin with.

Take a good look at your core business and create a plan for how to incorporate an app for it. Sketch out your idea and flowchart it. One of the greatest parts of app downloads is that reviews are available for just about all of them. Do it right or don't do it at all, as a bad app review obviously will not entice further downloads from others. Above all, your app should be interesting, addictive, and unique.

Every business is obviously different but you can be sure that no matter what the business is, there's mobile marketing profits awaiting for those who create intriguing and addictive apps, whether they charge for it or make them free. The bottom line is this: Because the iPhone and iPad (among others such as the Android) have become so popular, if you can develop an app available for download at the iTunes store for these devices for whatever business you're in, it's entirely possible to potentially attract an entirely new source of business – perhaps more than you can handle. That's why you need to start moving on an app for your business today.

We will not be accepting any new mobile application proposals until late Fall of this year in order to ensure the stability of this new operating system, but we encourage our clients to put together ideas for future Apps for their business in the meantime!

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Aubrey Beach

Aubrey Beach

I'm an entrepreneur and CEO of Beach Stant, LLC with the mission of developing innovative tech solutions to simplify business processes.

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