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23 Oct 2011

Beach Stant, LLC Technical Support Services

Beach Stant, LLC is now accepting on-site technical support appointments for both residential and commercial clients within the Hampton Roads area.  Whether you are a college student whose computer crashed writing a paper or simply lost your photos/documents our trained technicians can identify the issue and restore your computer to proper operability often within 24 hours.  We keep up with the latest malware threats and are able to remove harmful infections that can cause your computer to crash or inhibit performance.

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09 Aug 2011

Beach Stant, LLC Is Now A Certified Apple iOS Developer

Nothing has been more successful in the mobile marketing world than what’s been happening with Apple and the iTunes store. Every day, thousands of apps are downloaded from iTunes to mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, and we’re only in the infancy of this trend. If you can provide some kind of utility that provides an instant valuable service to the hundreds of thousands of people looking for apps to download each day, you’ll take your mobile marketing efforts to levels previously unheard of.

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10 Jul 2011

Beach Stant, LLC Has Been Granted Field Trial Access To Google Plus

Google+, the search giant’s answer to Facebook, is currently in a “limited field test.” Both Sebastian and I were lucky enough to receive invites from a few developers and have already activated our accounts. The Google+ project is the company’s social initiative that brings friend streams, group video chat and group texting to Google’s millions of users. Check out our review of Google+ if you want to learn more.  We also have a very limited number of invites we can send interested users upon request.

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