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22 Jun 2011

Beach Stant, LLC Joins The Professional Business Network On

With the push of to become the social media outlet of business professionals we have now setup our official company profile.  We encourage our clients to use this page as another resource for contact and company announcements.  Additionally, you can see the professional profiles of all employees associated with Beach Stant, LLC. is quickly becoming the standard for digital resumes and business relationships and we would love our clients and associates to connect with us to follow all our news and events as we continue to expand.  If you have been especially satisfied with our products and services please feel free to write us a recommendation to help further promote our company in the area.

Here is our offical company profile on if you wish to follow us:

The profile of our CEO, Aubrey Beach:

The profile of our Creative Director, Sebastian Stant:


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Aubrey Beach

Aubrey Beach

I'm an entrepreneur and CEO of Beach Stant, LLC with the mission of developing innovative tech solutions to simplify business processes.

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